What IDE/Editor do you use?

What IDE/Editor do you use?
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Was being a bit curious what IDE/Editor do you guys use for developing Python apps and why?
I have tried out PyCharm recently but it does seem to have some limitations with the community version.


I’m not a python dev, but one thing I know is PyCharm is based on Intellij which is so slow in heart.

Eclipse is also based on java(unfortunately), but it’s free and much faster than Intellij. I believe it should have some plugin for python devs too.

Try some IDEs, and find the one you like(no matter what is this, if it works for you, it’s the one for you, even that PyCharm). But I suggest try IDEs are native(not based on java like NetBeans, etc…)

If you are in MacOS, Xcode is the only fast IDE I even tried. it’s also free.


Hi @Quickz. I’m also not a Python developer, unfortunately so curious to hear what others say.

I use Microsoft VSCode, which has been wonderful for developing with JavaScript applications. Also has an amazing developer experience and plugin community.


When I was working in Python I didn’t need a full IDE (and had some weird environment stuff going on) so I mostly used vi. I am a big fan of JetBrains though, so if I was building an application in Python then PyCharm would be my go-to.


I use VS code.

I’ve tried many others like atom, sublime, Visual Studio and others and vs code is not only fast and stable but highly customizable.

I’m just learning python but compared to other tools I feel most comfortable with VS code. Maybe that will change when I get more experience.


I believe PyCharm is one of the most used environments.