VSCode vs. Pycharm

Which one of these do you prefer for Python?
And why?

Currently I am using Pycharm, but for everything else I pretty much exclusively use VSCode. The only thing that keeps me from switching, is that currently for some reason I cannot use something like this in VSCode:

import pytesseract
from PIL import Image

There probably is an easy way to fix this, I just haven’t bothered trying to find it, because everything works fine with PyCharm.
So if you want to, feel free to drop some specific advice regarding this issue.

But again the main question here is which one of the two you prefer and why?

Given the choice, I like JetBrains products better (including PyCharm). Unfortunately for me, VS Code is good enough that employers don’t want to buy JetBrains licenses anymore.

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In my humble opinion, it really doesn’t matter as long as the tool works and you’re having a comfortable development experience. I haven’t really used PyCharm, but I’ve heard that it is preferred as the go-to by many people(and JetBrains usually makes great software). I’ve used VSCode a bit and I think it’s a neat code editor.

Usually, I run code in a terminal, and hence haven’t really experienced issues with running TCL/graphics related stuff. Though, I would say that if you’re mainly working with python, PyCharm could be a slightly better option since it’s full blown IDE for Python(I think you can get a similar set up on VS code too, but that would need you to get a lot of plugins, config it a bit, while Pycharm comes with all of this out of the box)


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