Which is your favorite text editor?

Which is the your favourite text editor and what makes you like it?

I like Visual Studio Code

Hello there @timothy2,

Personally I really like Visual Studio Code. It is light, and feature rich. It has a really big Extension Marketplace. It is free and open source. You can make it yours. I really love it because it has Git integrated, and How many Extensions it has, and also how you can customize it. Here’s what my code editor looks like

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I think a lot of people will recommend Visual Studio Code.

Personally, I use Atom because it was the first one I picked up, and I’ve got it set up exactly the way I want it. I’ve seen complaints that Atom is very slow, though I have yet to see it myself - but it is definitely something to keep in mind.

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Yeah, my favorite editor is the free one that works the best. I used Atom for a while and liked it. The place where I got a job uses VSC so I switched to that and like it.

VS Code. I use integrated terminal a lot. And also there are many useful extentions to make your work easier and efficient.
One thing I hate about Code is that it too long starts.

I don’t know how your VSCode starts up long, but It’s built to be fast even on BIG projects. Did you install A lot of extensions???

For a text editor, I use SublimeText. Back in school I really knew how to customize it to do exactly what I wanted but I haven’t bothered with that in years.

For IDEs, my preference is the JetBrains family. Unfortunately, my work decided to migrate to VSCode so I’m getting used to that. It’s fine.

I’ll throw in the weird opinion. I hate auto-complete and love syntax highlighting, so I use gedit on Linux. I understand it’s pretty close to notepad++.