Coding software/editors for MAC

I am new to coding and programming, and recently started learning Python. I am looking for some code editing software that is good and intuitive, and suitable for beginners. I am looking for something that is free (for now, until I develop more experience) and for Mac. Are there any recommendations?

It’s not specifically for Mac, but I’m a big fan of PyCharm. It is pretty demanding on CPU and memory, so if you have an older Mac, you might try something lighter like Visual Studio Code.

Try them both, see which one fits your style better.

PyCharm or VSCode (with the python extensions)

PyCharm has a free version, but an excellent python editor. You miss out on some fancier features with the free version, but you still get the core stuff needed to do what you want need. It is pretty demanding to run, so I’d only go with VsCode if PyCharm doesn’t run well.