QR code payment

Hi guys. I was doing a research on QR code for payment which I think is really interesting technology. It was so designed to make payment fast by having the customer scan a qr code of predetermine price (or not) from a merchant but I feel it could be even faster if that procedure is reverse. I don’t seem to find helpful info about the reverse procedure, why it’s not being used and how it can be made to work securely. Anyone got some insight?

Can you explain what you mean?

I mean from what I’ve seen with QR code payment, the customer does the scanning of the code generated by the merchant to initiate payment.

I was wondering why doesn’t the Merchant do the scanning of the code generated by customer instead?

Is it for security reasons or it’s just easier?

Well if the QR code is a barcode, then the barcode is set by the merchant for the customer to use, it doesn’t make sense for the customer to set the barcode for a merchant. I’m still not 100% clear what you mean, to stress this: a QR code is just a way of displaying some characters in a way that’s makes it easy to make a device to scan them, they’re a barcode. Barcodes are put on products by the people selling the products. Like, customers don’t create barcodes when they go to the supermarket, they are attached to the different products for the shop to scan when the customer is at the till.


I have used the bus systems in the UK quite a bit, and they do this. The user opens the “merchant’s” app, and displays their ticket as a QR code, which is then scanned by the “merchant” (bus).

As Dan has said, though, the QR code is made by the “merchant”, and simply downloaded/bought by the user.

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