Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

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I see a lot of posts with the same error - tried one of the solutions to stop repl and then entering the live project link on FCC to run the steps, but the only improvement is the last 2 tests passed, but the first one saying “All tests should pass” did not. So, I cannot proceed further.

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solution: boilerplate-mochachai - Replit

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Challenge: Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

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Well… solved it with this solution in another post…

What I did is basically, stop the replit. After that, I copy the link of my webview then paste it in the solution link. Then here’s the important part. Start the replit and wait for html output which you will see " Automated Testing
Functional Tests Example" in the webview. If you see this output in the webview, immediately go to the freecodecamp then click submit “I’ve completed this challange”.

This how I pass the challenge. I hope this works for you too.

I’d definitely recommend this tutorial on how to run the back end projects locally:
How to Run the freeCodeCamp Backend Challenges Locally

You might need it once you get to the stuff involving ZombieJS - that library just made Replit totally crash for me. Besides that, I found that just timing things properly seemed make fCC’s tests work okay. Like, I’d have to hit “Run” on Replit, then immediately run the tests on the fCC page (I’d already have the link filled out). It’s buggy and annoying, I know.

Thanks for the tutorial. I am at the point where the last tests for ZombieJS is failing with timeout. So, I think I will have to run the challenge locally to finish it as the only response I see on the forum is that the problem exists on Replit and you would just have to move on without passing these challenges.

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