Question about HTML Text Formatting on Website

To preface, it’s not my personal website but one that I use and have a profile on.

I’ve stumbled across something interesting and I’m curious why the site is functioning in said way. On my profile there’s an “about me” section. When I edit this section - or any section - there’s no option to select bold but I can make things bold by wrapping them in a b tag. I then save it and displays in bold on the preview page. However, when I go to view my profile on the site outside of the preview it just shows the b tags around my chosen text but it isn’t bold. I’m curious why the site would function this way? Would this type of thing be considered a bug or…?

For reference the site is I’m not sure if that helps because I don’t think you can view most things without signing up.

The site is designed to not render html tags. Instead it just renders the text as you typed it into the site. It would only be considered a bug, if you are supposed to be able to use html tags on your profile to render formatted text. If it was not meant to display formatted text, then I would say the bug is in the preview which is rendering the html tags instead of displaying the tags as if they were text.

Cool, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and help me better understand it!