Question about the Survey Project (from beta site)

I was able to get the HTML to function properly but I’m having the most difficult time with the CSS. I don’t understand how to get the fieldset label text to wrap on the left while keeping the the dropdown menu on the same line like they show in the example:

am I supposed to make a class for the labels and a separate class for inputs in order to style it this way?

Many ways to do this, but since you asked about CSS one of the simplest way is to make a rule that element is inline : (BTW #myForm is id of your form)

#myForm label, select {
      display : 'inline';

Also you can float elements to the left or right :

#myForm label {

#myForm select {
    float: right;

Many other options available when using bootstrap and my tip would be that you see how you write well-structured form in HTML (form-groups) and everything will just fit in.
I stated only simplest cases in CSS in HTML you can use <span> to for element to be inline etc.
Practice on making different form looks and you will be okay with it in a while.
I hope these guidelines were useful for you :slight_smile:
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Thanks for responding. I floated the elements and that worked perfectly!