Question about web hosting

any good course where whole hosting is explained?
dns, domains, hosting etc…

Try this

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i’m not asking about code, but explanation for web hosting :slight_smile:

Read these.

Next you need to decide what you want. Share Hosting is the most common and easiest for deploying basic websites, blogs, php based apps etc.

But you may need different hosting for deploying other applications.

Or both if you want to work on a bunch of different things.

A good practice is to buy your domains separate from your hosting. Hosting needs change over time and it’s PITA to move things if your hosting service also services your domain (in some cases impossible).

thanks, I want to learn basic so I can apply for a job in technical support at some web hosting companies…
One of them even gave me 1 year free reseller hosting 10GB + 3 diiferent .EU domains so I can play a little.

Why do you not try any local reputed web hosting provider.