Question about which language shouil I start leart

Hello everyone, I have a question; which language should I learn to becom a software engineer"now I learn python and still don’t know if it help me in the future" , and im just a beginner

Python is one of the languages you can learn. But their are other languages, Java,C++,C,C#… the list is long. If you are looking to get into the job market, you’ll need to add some other languages/knowledge. But as far as choosing a language is concermed, it depends on what you wish to achieve. Choose a language you’re conforatble with above all.

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Is there a particular type of software that you are interested in building? If so, you can reasearch what language(s) that domain uses.

If you don’t have specific goals yet, then I recommend choosing a language based off of the availability of good learning resources. For what it’s worth, I think that JavaScript is one of the languages that has excellent free resources that are accessible to inexperienced students.



I might add that you should aim to see computer languages simply as tools as you progress. To the point that you can learn and use almost any language within a short period of time. This will come in handy in your career, where you might write JavaScript /Python at one job, C++ at the next, to move on to JavaScript/ Rust at the third.

The other posters already gave some great tips where to start: Begin with higher level languages (JavaScript/Python), and then move on to lower level ones (C/C++, Rust) that require some experience to master.


Python for AI, machine learning, data science career.
HTML & Javascript to become web developer.

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You can also try learning C++, Java. These languages are very helpful to you for the development. Join a course and try learning these to become a software engineer.

Python is a solid foundation to build website and enter into the coding world. However, as a beginner you must be clear about your goals and objectives about which kind of software operations will you work on. There are different active communities including the freeCodeCamp that will help in resolving your Python related queries.

JavaScript, Java, and C++ are some other languages that will expand your skillset. Thus, learn them as well.

Similar to what others have said, Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS are great places to start, but I would also note that the most important thing to learning is a low barrier to entry. In other words, find the language that is easiest for you to learn, whether that be because you know someone who can teach you, there’s a project you want to build, or a class you can take in a language. While languages do differ, a lot of the fundamentals transfer between languages, so learning a second language will be easier than learning the first

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