Question on the Api projects

Hey guys.
I was reading about the api projects and the dynamic webapps projects and as all of them are using heroku for deployment, i was wondering if i could use a GitHub repo with for instance all the api challenges implementation inside and this repo connected to one heroku app. and the same methodology applied to the dynamic webapps projects. This idea popped in my head mainly because of the ammount of challenges to be implemented for both categories and how the free user business model for heroku is implemented and also because i’m not rich person for paying the extra money required for the ammount of extra heroku apps required.

Feedback would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

In theory it’s possible to have all the api projects and dynamic web apps in one application, but it’s a complicated ordeal, and also somewhat defeats the purpose of the challenges. Part of the reason why there are 10 projects is for the sake of practice by repetition, for making Github repos, configuring servers, setting up a database, deploying the application, etc. If you keep all your files running on one server config, using one database, all on one repo, you’re basically just learning how to do one complicated thing, rather than learning the concepts necessary to handle varying situations.

Heroku gives you 5 free deployments, so essentially you can do the 5 api projects just fine, and switch them for the 5 webapps as you make them. The full-stack webapps will require you to do everything the api projects will, with the addition of making a front-end; so if you’re worried about not being able to show off all your work I wouldn’t worry about it.

sorry about late response. but thanks for the help and feedback