Question related to algorithm and data structure

Hi everyone! So I am preparing for interviews and have been doing data structure since past one month and have completed arrays, sorting ,vectors, matrix and related stuff. Before starting with hashing I am doing questions related to this on LeetCode and have been doing the learning part from a coarse on gfg (DSA course). Now , i have an issue actually , whenever i do a question i see the solution(the most efficient one ) but a day or two days later i tend to forget it .Now i know coding is all about concepts and understanding but does anyone is facing the same problem as I am? Please do lettme know , I would appreciate anyone’s help

Retention increases with repetition. Keep practicing, and the concepts will eventually bake into your mind and remain.

So you mean i’m suppose to do the same questions again and again ? Like with some time interval gap …right?Cause i’v been practicing on LeetCode …so like should i do the solved ones again?

No, you do different questions, but you’ll still use the same techniques on many of them. Programming is mostly about finding new combinations of the same few building blocks.

ohk…well leetcode does provide that thing …iv actually decided to revise everything once in a week…what i did in that entire week …hope that helps…