Anyone interested to practice and discuss the progress for Algorithms and Data structures and learn together

I have been trying to practice and learn Algorithms and Data structures…but have been procrastinating. I work full time but as soon as I go home I procrastinate. I need a partner to practice the algorithms, discuss the progress and ways of their/mine thinking to solve the problem and be ready for any Software Engineer interview for Algorithms and Data Structures. I’m thinking of setting up the goal on daily/weekly basis to practice on leetcode/ any other practice platform and discuss the way of solving/progress. Let me know if anyone is interested. Hoping this will motivate me as well as you enough.

man … I would try to publish this topic in the " Project Feedback" or JavaScript or Help section of the forum, good luck :wink:

Thought it was related to getting a Job… thank you.

I’m interested in practicing anything related to coding.
But how do we do that?

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if you want to pair program, has a multiplayer feature where multiple people can work on the same piece of code together

I’m thinking of more like a study group where people motivate, share and practice Algorithms and Data structures questions…more like preparing themselves to solve any Competitive programming / Interview questions

Sounds Great!
Do you know any website that provide such services?

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Back in June of 2017, I used to host hangout meetings once per week for the local Santa Clara FCC group and go through the Basic and Intermediate algorithm challenges (whiteboarding to work out the algorithms and then coding them). I used to get about 5-10 people during each meeting. I would typically try to solve each challenge 2-3 different ways to show how different algorithms (not just different syntax) could be used to solve the same problems. If there was enough interest, I suppose something similar could be done again, but I do not have as much free time as I used to, so others would need to fill in when I could not host the meetings.


This sounds like a great idea… would you be able to provide the link to your meetup group. I have tried to go to these meetups…but my lack of practice and probably my imposter syndrome has always prohibited me to attend these meetups…but I am working on it…:slightly_smiling_face:

Will have to do some research on that…will update you if I find anything…

I’d be really grateful you do that again.

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Hi i am ready to learn together and discuss.

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Hi , i am interested to pair with anyone to practice data structure and algorithm to improve coding skills. Please let me know…Thank you