Questions about Background and Felon safe fields

Hello everyone, I had a question about background checks I have a 5 year old charge and wanted to get into it . I was trying to get some help in what direction I should look into and what’s simply a waste of time. I was interested in cloud systems AWS, azure and google cloud . just need some help with the direction in my circumstance and my past.

Are you familiar with this website?

The founder had a felony charge and created the site to help others.

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Appreciate it greatly !

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on this app’s podcast, which seems to be only available on the mobile version, I don’t see it on the online version, I listened to an interview that was from a few years ago. It is episode 61 in "the freecodecamp Podcast section. “How Tim Myers survived a 12 year prison sentence then became a web developer”

The interview was really inspiring. I think you can listen to it for inspiration.

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