Is freelancing a good idea?

I want to be a software engineer but here’s the issue. A few years ago I got arrested for a misdemeanor, but I wasn’t convicted of it and the arrest got expunged. Ever since then I truly believe I can’t find a decent software dev job. Is freelancing my only option or is that not possible for me either?

Getting a job is hard. It isn’t something you can apply to a handful of jobs and instantly get accepted, even if you have good qualifications. This doesn’t mean its impossible, it just requires some work to improving your application and skills until you get accepted.

Focusing only on one factor, your background history, will probably mean you aren’t focusing on other aspects of the job application process. Some things you can’t really change either so worrying about them doesn’t get you anywhere.

Rather I’d focus on what you can change, and pin-point exactly what is holding you back. This means applying, and getting feedback throughout the job application process.
With some feedback you can either focus on your weak points either with your resume or your skill set, improve, and keep applying.

Finally, even if its 100% full stop due to your background and you 100% confirm it is freelancing is an option. I wouldn’t go that route if your just having a tough time applying for jobs, as everyone has tough times applying.

So keep applying, getting feedback, improving what you can and continue the cycle! Goodluck!

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If you weren’t convicted and it was expunged, then how could a potential employer see that?

Afaics it should have no effect whatsoever. I’m not quite sure what you’re afraid of here – even if it did appear on some private records, or you are applying to somewhere with stringent security that will do detailed background checks that would pick up something that would be excised from court records in most places, you were cleared of anything.

wells that’s easy for you to say now is it? I even asked a similar question a few months ago and was basically told it’ll be difficult for me now which means in other words it’s impossible for me. While I appreciate your reply I’m not in the least convinced.

The tone in this thread has become combative, so I am locking this thread.

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