Can I find work as a freelancer ?(serious)

I’m writing this question to ask what are my odds of freelancing? I want to work as a dev, but it’s a well known issue that I have an arrest, but despite the fact that its expunged and there was no conviction I wholeheartedly believe that I don’t stand a chance at getting a regular dev job. I even checked with the solicitor office and they told me my arrest had been expunged but I don’t believe I have a chance at getting a job at a company.

I highly doubt that an arrest, expunged or not, will seriously impact your ability to get a developer job. The only exception might be a job where you need a security clearance.

Ok so in other words I can get the job I want then.

I have no way of knowing if you have the appropriate technical skills to get the job you want. I’m just saying that an arrest, especially an expunged arrest, shouldn’t prevent you from getting a job, unless there is something more to the story.

Did I mention there was more to the story? No and there isn’t anymore to the story. Although I found out my arrest was actually expunged when I called the solicitor office you think Im suppose to think I have a chance at getting a job in the tech industry when I basically heard other mediocre answers? I suppose to just believe the worker at the solicitor office? Think again

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