Quick and dirty - is Linux better than Windows?

Quick and dirty - is Linux better than Windows?
[for learning fcc stuff]

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If you want to learn FCC’s curriculum, use the operating system you’re most comfortable with, and it really doesn’t matter which one. That said, Edge is known to have problems with several of the lessons, so if you go with Windows, it’s recommended you use Chrome or Firefox as a browser.


Both work just fine, if you’ve used to Windows, then Windows, if you’re used to Linux, then Linux. Linux has tradionally been easier in some ways for development because of the way it works, but it is entirely dependent upon what you know.


Is Windows better? No.
Is Mac better? No.

Use whichever OS you like best.


Windows 10 has the subsystem for Linux now and read something about coming out with a Windows terminal and can possibly even run docker ce in the Linux subsystem soon.

So overall the only argument that I could make for Linux, that the same tools you would use on the server are there. It’s becoming moot.

Personally I love Linux but I agree that even more so now, it is your choice what to use.

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Well since this is a subjective discussion…

Linux is the best.
Unix is 2nd best.

Windows doesn’t even rank.

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As desktop I should use Windows.
As server I should use Linux. Windows as server is unreliable (Upgrades and restarts every other day).

For FCC specifically, it doesn’t matter since you’re working out of a browser. Once you get into doing projects on your local machine, you may find that you have an easier time on Linux and Mac than on Windows.

But isn’t that changing with WSL and Terminal improvements?

I am definitely hoping that will be the case. MacBooks since the redesign have been absolutely terrible so I’ll be holding onto my mid-2015 model as long as I can. Even now at work I struggle with Linux support on our new machines so it will be a godsend to be able to have the full Linux kernel embedded into Windows for sure.

Re. original post and the fact that this thread is steadily building up replies:

I think you should learn to use Linux/Unix. It’s worth.
Otherwhile, Powershell on Window definitely worth learning.