Quora Answer: How Long Until You Got A Job

I’m browsing the Free Code Camp Quora Topic and I see a lot of questions around: Getting A Job After Free Code Camp. So I have an idea. I’m going to build a website to answer that!

I wanted to crowd source these user stories to make sure I cover everything. I’m thinking of just a simple registration where you enter your FCC username which pulls data from the Open API and we will have the story board for that user.

I see this somewhat of just a directory of users who got a job, and a timeline between when they started on fcc, got their first interviews, and which lead to a job.

Before I attempt this I wanted to get feedback from you, the community.

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Huh…I didn’t realise an API was in the works. Cool.

I’m not sure I follow the purpose of your proposed app.

Do you mean that people can construct their own timeline of how they got their jobs after FCC?

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@JacksonBates - yes, I imagined it would be a directory where we would have another user profile which showed our ‘developer story’ timeline which the user would provide. I could see this useful for the following reasons:

  • Quickly validate to newcomers to stay motivated.
  • Generate some useful data points for charts.
    ** Experience before FCC
    ** Habits for people who got a job before x months.
    ** City and State of job
    ** Job Title
    ** Starting Pay

Clearly there are more things that I could think of but this is the idea.

I like this Idea. How will you approach accuracy though is what I’m wondering.

I mean if a few highly motivated people filled in everything they would need to, to generate the data it would indeed be very motivating to read but it would also be biased to those who took the time to keep it up to date.

On the other hand if it was somehow tightly tied to the curriculum and super accurate, for all us who stick at it there must be thousands of people who give it a few goes and give up. The data would go the other way and be very biased to quitters.

So i suppose you’d have to filter all those out. Maybe just pull data from people whenever they achieve a certificate?

I like this idea!

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