Random question on Games to help me get idea!

Hey Guys, unfortunately I haven’t played any video games, if you call online chess game a game?? But I would like to play now and research more about it while I am learning to code. I know there are games we will build in future too. Do you recommend any games? I mean proper games. Are there any games who have female leads? I know there is world of warcraft which is very popular because of the movie. Anything else? Thank you.

Well, there’s Ms. Pacman. All the curves in the right places.


Tomb Raider’s also got a female lead


By video games do you mean console games (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, etc) or computer games (Windows, Mac)? And by “proper games” I’m assuming you mean games with a complex virtual world?

Some of the big franchises that come to mind on the console side are Metroid, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy (and Tomb Raider, which has already been mentioned). Metroid is sort of nebulous when you actually play it, but the player character is one of video gaming’s most famous female characters, Samus Aran.

If you mean computer games, I’m only familiar with PCs, since they have the significantly larger market share compared to Macs, and there are tons of games going back to the 80s with female lead characters. If you have a Steam account, there’s Portal and Portal 2, which is like a 3D puzzle game of sorts and has the player character as female.

Also available on Steam is the Syberia franchise, which is basically an adventure game, and Mirror’s Edge, which is a first-person action game. There’s actually a whole category on Steam called “Female Protagonist” here: http://store.steampowered.com/tag/en/Female%20Protagonist/#p=0&tab=TopSellers


Thank you, it looks cute but I think I probably will prefer something with hardcore action. :slight_smile:

Yess, it does look very cool. I am sure I will like something like that. Thank you.

Thank you so much, your response is actually the best as tI didn’t even know what console is!! Of course I have heard about PlayStation Xbox etc, but didn’t know what they are called. Yes, I did mean games with complex virtual world. I watched Warcraft movie and apparently it is a complex virtual game and thought I would have enjoyed playing that.

Yes, all of the games you have mentioned look so good. But I loved all resident evil movies so might first buy that one, didn’t know they were based on video game. I will decide that later. On windows 10 laptop, I can see there is xbox something now will fool around with it and no, I don’t have steam account. sorry, it was a totally newbie question. You have given enough variety of games I can look into.

Thank you very much for your information!

If you’re using Windows 10, that gives you access to the widest possible library of games on a computer since Windows is the dominant OS for gaming. While you can certainly buy games for Windows (via Steam as just one option, which is a large online “marketplace” for a variety of games that are made by a lot of well-known game development studios), there’s also a huge library of games available through the Windows Store. And on the Windows Store you don’t have to spend a penny, as there are lots of free games there.

By the way, it’s worth making a Steam account, since there are some free games available on there as well: http://store.steampowered.com/genre/Free%20to%20Play/

Also, the WarCraft movie borrowed more from “World of WarCraft” which is an MMORPG type of game. The definition of MMORPG can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massively_multiplayer_online_role-playing_game

The other games bearing the WarCraft name were RTS games, which is an acronym for Real Time Strategy. RTS games are very different from RPG games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_strategy

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In many RPGs you choose your character’s features yourself and can play as female or male. In WoW you pick your gender, race and class.

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I have just made my xbox account!!! That is perfect, was worried about the money.

Yes, thank you. yes, they look very different and yes, I will make a steam account. It will help me to get an idea about what is going the market too. In world of warcraft or any game? You can play in your level yes?

okay, that is very good to know!! Thanks a lot.

Oh, and by the way, you can try WoW for free (can level up to level 20 and see if you actually like the game).


Thank you very much for that. It is perfect!! Can’t wait to play now.

I mostly like to play the old retro games. And have a collection of most of the retro gaming consoles along with my brother. We both like to play together and have a PS3, PS4 and 3DS. I only use to play on consoles earlier, but now I have started playing with online users over internet, too. I got this crazy hobby from my brother truly a gamer.

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Thanks Ramona that’s actually nice to hear. I don’t have anyone to play with, I live alone. My girl friends would think I have gone mad, and boy friends too weirdly not interested. But I have started playing world of warcraft, it makes my old laptop just slow so l played 2-3 times so far. You should try that. But I must say I am sure I will love it more.

Chess is not a bad game. I also recommend you to train brains and develop logic.

I like playing poker. It helps me to relax after work, but nevertheless makes my head work. I become focused. There are many bonuses and a detailed instruction for beginners

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Game on :slight_smile:

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