Learn to code RPG game

Introducing Learn To Code RPG: a video game where you learn to code.

Hours of gameplay
Original art & music
600+ Comp Sci quiz questions
50+ Easter Eggs to discover
6 different endings
All FREE & open source.
You can download and play it now.

In the coming months, we will add additional characters, music, and scenarios to this game. Our goal is a definitive (if a bit anime-esque) simulation of the learn-to-code experience. We will also localize this into many world languages.

We would also love to publish an Indian edition focused on the Indian tech ecosystem, and also for China, Brazil, Nigeria, and other major tech hubs.

If you don’t have a Mac, Linux, or Windows machine and you want to experience the game (mobile versions coming soon), this Let’s Play is a good place to start.


Hi, I tested it for the first time today. It runs on Windows 10 but not on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. It stops immediately and displays the following error message:
error: GLX is not supported

Hi @digituar !

If you could report this as an issue that would help the game creators.


Hi @jwilkins.oboe !
has already been reported

Hello everyone!
Great job on the “Learn to Code RPG”!
I was wondering, could I stream or make videos of the game?
Would that be allowed?
Thank you.

HI @e-oannis !

I think streaming videos of the RPG game is allowed but I will ask to double check. :grinning:

Stream away and have fun :grinning:

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