Random Quote Generator Feedback!

Hello people!

I have finished my random quote generator and looking for some feedback!


Edit: For some reason, the functionality of the project isn’t working in codepen. Perhaps just run it in your environment?


Hey, looks nice. One thing you could add: outline: none; to your button styling. This will remove the blue border around the button when it is active.

try put ? after the mycallback


it migth solve the problem of not working on codepen.
atleast from my end it solve the problem

Its Really Awesome
But my advice is "Please give another line-breaker between “generate quote” & “Tweet” buttons ".

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Just encountered a problem, though. I have been working locally on this project using MAMP and had been working completely fine since I started. However I have just tested it and I am receiving an AJAX error, it has something to do with CodePen. What’s going on (view screenshot below)?


Just fixed it by using the https://crossorigin.me/ fix. However I haven’t had to do this before. Can someone explain why I’ve needed to use this to make the project work again?