Random Quote Generator Feedback Anyone

Just finished my Random Quote Generator. Please take a look and feedback always welcome.

Thanks for your time

Good job on your Random Quote app! I like the background image!

The text is a little hard on my eyes. Maybe because of the text-shadow used? Also, it might look nice if the font on the tweet button matched the text on the new quote button. Also, the underline when hovering over the tweet button is a little distracting.

Happy coding!

I agree, the background image is awesome!

Only thing I would change, and this is a small neurotic thing, is having the new-quote & tweet button in a fixed location so the user doesn’t have to find the new location of the random quote button - this would allow for greater immersion. Having the buttons below is great for mobile use, maybe just set the #quote div to a fixed height so that the user can read and click without having to think about anything else.

Great job though!

Thanks! Great feedback. Never thought of that!

Fixed postion sounds like a good ux experience. Thanks

Nor I when I was first doing these projects, but I read about it on some blog that threaded through user experiences. There’s so much to think about when it comes to layout - I’m amazed that people can stay sane when working on large projects.

Anyway though - have fun out there!

Well done. Only a couple of issues, and I am trying to be as nitpicky as possible:

  • You don’t need div#bg. Its styles can be applied to container, and the element can be removed.
  • $(document).ready(function() { ... }) can be replaced with a shorthand: $(function () { ... })
  • tweetQuote function is unused