Random Quote Machine Certification Project

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I have completed my project using VS code and I have saved it in my github respository, how I can share it in freeCodeCamp ?

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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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It has to be hosted somewhere so people can access it on the internet. A Github repo won’t do that. A lot of people do theirs on codepen which handles that for you. So does replit and other online IDEs. You could pay for hosting. There are also free ways to host, like putting it in an AWS bucket. When I did my other projects, I put them on Git Pages, free static hosting that works through Github. Just make sure to put them in folders because you’ll have more than one.

I will try to do this. thanks for your reply.

Also, remember you have to build the React code npm run build which gives you a build directory (with CRA).

I would suggest checking out Netlify, Vercel, and Surge.

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