Random Quote Machine set up

Hey everyone. I’m getting started on this project and I’m completely lost. This is the first time I’ve worked on a project that isn’t in the browser.

So I downloaded Atom and tried fiddling with it. But how do I use the tests? Do I fork? How do I do that, just download the files or is there an easier way?

Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure what you mean by “that isn’t in the browser”. Have you moved this project out of codepen, and decided to try using a local development environment? It is completely do-able, but do you have plans to put this somewhere that the test suite can run?

Typically, you’ll have three files:

  1. the index.html which contains all the HTML content of the page, and contains links to the other two;
  2. the index.js or something similar, which contains basic scripting for the challenge, usually called in the body of the index.html by <script src="./index.js"></script>;
  3. the index.css or something similar, which contains the CSS used to present the HTML, usually called in the head of the index.html by <link rel="stylesheet" href="./index.css" />.

These are conventions for smaller projects, used as a guideline, but by and large they work well. The only other thing you’ll need would be a link to the testing suite, which is given on the Random Quote Machine’s “User Story” page, just below the user stories.

If it helps get you started (and picturing how the three documents interact can be a challenge, as codePen doesn’t set it up as separate concerns IMO), I’ve set up a repl.it – https://repl.it/@TobiasParent/freecodecampStartingPoint

That isn’t something you need to use, but I prefer repl to codepen – it does a better job of setting up more complex projects, it expects me to write the entire HTML with the head and body tags, as well as all content – functions more like an actual project.

And on that repl, I already included the bundle.js test suite from FCC, so you can simply start coding! :wink: