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Hello Guys,

I am kinda new to this forum (I think it’s already a cliches around here xD) , even though I’ve read some posts, I haven’t been active on it :blush: My bad…
I wanted to share with you my website: www.florin-pop.com

I want to know how do you feel about it? What is to be improved?
I was thinking I should hire a designer to redesign it? Probably add a CMS and start writing some blog posts.

Any advices would be highly appreciated!


I like it a lot. I can’t really give any advice because you clearly know more than me about front end dev(and probably most of us xD). I can’t wait to master all the animation stuff so I can make similar pages.

Maybe, just maybe, it could improve by adding some sort of navigation buttons/labels so people can see all the available sections.

Edit: Found that nav bar I was talking about but it only shows up when I make the screen smaller. Also found a bug. Your main section (the one with white background) disappears when one of the subsections is open and I resize the window. There is also a vertical gray bar right in the middle when resizing. I’m using firefox.

Hi there,
I wasn’t able to load it after waiting a solid 20 seconds. My connection is fine. A webpage should load much faster. I read somewhere that most people don’t wait more than about 9 seconds for a webpage to load before moving on. Lemme know if you fix this and I’ll take a look at it.

Just gave it a second chance…gave up after 35 seconds. Something wrong for sure.The loading icon just kept spinning.

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Try it now @Soupedenuit . I had a php function working… That might be the problem! :slight_smile:

It looks good, eye grabbing. I do appreciate the style. As for it loading, it works for me fine and my connection is made out of dead dreams, pipe cleaners and that stuff you find under the sofa.

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@Driftertech Yeah, I wrote a PHP function a week ago, that would show me who is visiting the website, and I noticed a drop in the speed… Once I remove it, it should load in few seconds :slight_smile:

@Shin8 That is not a bug. That is a functionality for mobile. The white section (the main section) is hiding on mobile so you can only see one section :slight_smile:

There is no problem with the navbar, I mean when you make the window big again

  1. Load page
  2. Click the about button and the section expands
  3. Make the window small
  4. Make it big again (the main section disappeared)

I can’t comment on design, so I’ll stick to cold hard numbers :nerd:

1.6s to load background image (it’s huge 2074x1382)
0.5s to load fonts (better use CDN)
0.3s to load jquery.nicescroll

It looks like your hosting provider is very slow.

Load time: 2.77
Finish in 8.18s

Also here’s something you should look at:

Plus you have some errors in console.

Thank you @jenovs ! I’ll consider them! :slight_smile:

@Shin8 I don’t see this bug on my desktop. Anyway, there won’t be real users which would resize that often on one page load. So I think it’s fine! :smiley:

I checked it again and the problem is gone :slight_smile:

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@Shin8 great that it’s gone! :slight_smile:

The link from your resume to freelancer.com is broken. Instead of routing to the freelancer site, it adds the url to the end of your site url. The upwork link is working as expected.

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Thank you @kblock-dev. Haven’t noticed!

I had tried it on my laptop last night - tried again just now. Still doesn’t load and it’s been a few minutes now. Tried on latest versions of Chrome and Edge (JavaScript is on). Also just tried on my iPhone in Safari - doesn’t work either. Both my wifi and cell network are fully functioning.

This is a great looking site – you should be proud.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Once you go to the portfolio page, the navigation disappears – this makes it difficult for people to use the site.
  2. The menu animation is a good touch, but I would have all items slide out to the same side.
  3. The animation when filter the projects on the portfolio page was distracting.
  4. The site has some difficulties when used on smaller screens

Amazing. The animations keeps one coming back to see it every time :smiley:

@Soupedenuit I don’t know why you have this error… Seems to work fine for me and others too :worried:

@sceadgugenga Thank you for your reply! I’ll consider your advices! :smiley:

@IsaacOmondi Thank you! :smile:

I like it. On smaller screens the resume words being centered make them a bit harder to read. I like the flipping pics… oh… and your nav bar disappears so we cannot get back to the “home” page. Can I use your flip animation on my site at www.freewebcritics.com… just started so most the sites, comments and ratings are all are my submissions. lol

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