React Best Course

Can Anyone share with me the right course for React. The course must have an in-depth implementation of concepts of Redux. and must also cover routing in a single page application.

And also people if you can share which is the better instructor for React

Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Brad Traversy
Stepehen Grider

and if anyone else apart from all of the above.
Please do share your opinion as it will be really helpful !!!

I did the React course on CodeAcademy. Then started building my own React apps. React Router is easy enough to learn from a simple one page tutorial found in a Google search. Haven’t studied Redux.

For Redux in particular, the free Egghead course by the guy who wrote Redux is very good. It takes you through writing the library from scratch, which is important w/r/t understanding how simple it is. If you use Redux, the core of the app will be the Redux part, React is just the thing you use to render the state of the Redux store to users.