React.js on Codeacademy

I just noticed Codeacademy added a 2 part React.js course. I usually find that Codeacademy courses leave me wanting to go find other resources to really understand what im learning, but this React course is really helping me understand what’s going on from a beginner level compared to the other stuff i’ve been reading / watching.

The only thing i’ve noticed is it seems to be pretty buggy right now… Certain sections don’t load properly for me and i find I have to refresh a lot in order to keep going. This kind of scares me since I’m pretty sure they built the course in React :joy:

Has anyone else tried or completed the course yet? What do you think?

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HI @mkw2000

You are right, i had the same problem with endles loading times. Very frustrating if that happens at the first page of the part I Course.
But this is not extraordinary at Codecademy. Many courses there have bugs in it. I waste hours to find the mistakes in their code. At the first moment you think it is your fault and then after a time you begin to look at the prepared Codecademy code and find mistakes. Very very poor.
But this is the biggest disadvatage at this page, it is good in general. And you learn finding mistakes in codes :smiley:


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You’re right, a lot of the courses i’ve tried seem to have bugs. This one has been the most buggy for me so far though.

Maybe they will work on it in the future but i know courses were people in the forum complain that they reported bugs in courses but nothing happen :frowning:

I also completed the React courses on Codecademy. I actually really liked it and found it more helpful than most of their other courses. And yes! The bugs. I don’t think I’ve taken a Codecademy course yet that wasn’t buggy or that I didn’t have to refresh multiple times. The React course was probably less buggy than the others for me, lol. One of the reasons I will never get the “Pro” version of the site. But all in all, it’s a good way to dip your toes into a technology if you’re first getting initiated.

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Codecademy is nice, but again because of the bugs and such I much prefer doing work locally like I can on freeCodeCamp. Something to point out - I believe the Codecademy React series uses much older ES5 syntax - usually the little bit I have done with React is full of ES6/ES7, imports, classes, and such, so you definitely will want to look at some other React courses.

Yes, it is really a good place to understand the basics. I completed it today and i have learned a lot from it!

just do the fcc stuff. its way better.