React section gone wrong (issues)

In the Front end development libraries course, the react section is introduced in a very weird way compared to all of the previous tasks in the course and the two courses that are listed before.

the difficulty is Very High simply because it feel like a lot of major terminology that is introduced in a confusing way specially with the codes, I had to literally paste the ‘inline’ code in the editor section then spread it out on a few lines to get a grasp on how the class or function you’re talking about looks, it’s much easier to understand this way what you want to say, but there’s still “best practices” in those codes that weren’t introduced before like the constructor’s “Super” function. And in the end of that long explanation and best practice, i didn’t even get to write it. all i needed to do was to define a simple HTML statement. The aim of this section is so lost for me.

By the way, my major is Computer science and I’ve been studying it for 3 years now. Dedicated 2 of them in deeply studying algorithms being a member in the problem solving community so I wouldn’t state out difficulty unless it’s almost unbearable.

Note: I’m not saying this because I hate what you provide. In fact, I’ve been grinding the tasks for the past couple of months daily cause it’s very intuitive and I really appreciate the hard work but please focus the attention on these tough sections cause I hate feeling so stuck in understanding what I need to do, it would be better if each section contains 100+ tasks than being 20 but extremely difficult to coop with

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