Coursera REACT course review needed ASAP as otherwise i'll have to choose udemy

I think this one’s outdated so should I continue with this one or should i follow something else.

It’s two years old. Everything will work fine, but you’ll quite possibly have a mismatch between what they’re showing you and what you find when you’re looking things up online – you can select which version of the React docs to use, and you can make sure you install the same version of React used on the course etc., but it’s going to take quite a bit of discipline to remember to do this

A collegue just did the React Native course on Coursera and it was fine, but she had issues that she didn’t understand without me explaining because of the version mismatches (she would install something, and it would break because the API would be slightly different, or she would look up something and it would give different advice to what was being taught). Without someone explaining why there are differences and how to fix issues, it may be difficult,

I would try to look for something more recent if possible, though as I say everything will work – the content is all still applicable as of now. Udemy is extremely hit and miss, but the most popular, highly rated courses are generally pretty high quality IME

See why I want to do this is because here in Coursera we have deadlines and the instructor teaches while building some thing rather than complete theory. But it’ll not be beneficial if the things that the course uses are old.
The Udemy course I’m talking about is :


Ah yeah, from that perspective actual course is far better than what Udemy offers (and is in many other respects). What you actually learn is completely transferrable by the way: the major difference is hooks, and the redux API has changed, but you can do that course just fine with the APIs it’ll use (and translate what you’re doing to the new APIs if you want).