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Hello FreeCodeCamp Team,
First of all: you are awesome! :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to update React-Redux topics in Front End Development Libraries certifications?

It uses Classes, and even React official documents no longer show that approach.

Shortening and making approach more convenient through function without writing millions of “this.state” lines of code!

Same with Redux, I did not find information relevant after getting stuck on one of the challenges and googling official Redux documentation…

I would gladly re-take certification course again once it gets updated to reflect modern way people work with React&Redux.


Hi @vladimir.kuban88 !

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The entire curriculum will be updated to an all project based curriculum.

It is important to realize that libraries and frameworks are always changing. So it is difficult for any curriculum to stay 100% up to date all of the time.

For example, React 18 will be implemented eventually and that means the current tutorials out there will be a little “out of date”.
But that doesn’t mean you still can’t learn from those tutorials.

There are still parts of the docs that still use classes like the Forms and Handling Events sections.

Also, being familiar with it can’t hurt especially if you are working on an older react application. :grinning:

But I agree, that hooks is a lot easier and cleaner.

I personally don’t think you need to redo the certification.
Just use the docs to fill in any parts that are “out of date”

Because React is still young and is evolving quickly, the freeCodeCamp lessons are out of date even though they’re only a few years old. For the last couple of years, the team has been taking on the effort of doing a huge update of the whole curriculum. That will be awesome, but it means that they’ve been focusing on the next version of freeCodeCamp instead of spending their time rewriting individual lessons. For right now, if you really want to dive into React, you’ll want to look around for other resources. If you have trouble finding any, feel free to ask people on the forum for their recommendations. I learned the basic concepts from freeCodeCamp, then learned hooks from the official documentation and tutorial, then jumped into real code and figured out how to put it all together.

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honestly im glad i had the chance to do the “vanilla” react curriculum, which is definitely more verbose, but its nice to have seen and experienced things in their more extended form, before you go for shortcuts and life-ease tools, plus, to be able to make sense and adopt the later in your work, you need more knowledge and experience with the latest JS syntax, which is also not so well presented in the JS curriculum.
I can say the same for vanilla JS document manipulations, but in reverse sense, as they are totally out of the curriculum and only are scarsly used here and there because of demand and it can be confusing when we are exposed to them, without really have the background. Yet we are thought of the frontend frameworks which are an advanced approach to vanilla JS.
In my opinion, it would be best to both have up to date lessons and ones which presents us with the basic-old school syntax.

An idea would be to use Bob Ziroll’s React Course as the basis. FCC has even released it on its main channel and seems to have some sort of partnership with Scrimba so I don’t think they would mind.

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