Best ReactJS course to take?

Hi there , I want to start learning react , after i learned the basic of js,html,css,webpack,babel .

Which course was the best? i heard wes bros’s ‘reactforbegginers’ was overrated.
I have seen a lot of does courses in udemy but i don’t know which one to pick … please help me choose

I can’t give you a recommendation but I’d make sure that it’s as recent as possible. React has undergone a lot of changes within a short time, and if the course doesn’t include hooks, I’d stay away.

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You can use this + the React docs you don’t really need to pay for a udemy course.

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I suggest the Scrimba course which I did last year. It is well taught, has a big emphasis on practice, with the ability to pause the course at any point and edit the code:

Learn React For Free

I wrote up what I like about it here, if you want more details before making the choce.

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Hi @ariklikepizza!

Here in FCC you can learn ReactJS and Redux. I did this part of the curriculum recently and I really like it! And it is free! :money_mouth_face:

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