React Pomodoro Clock - would love your feedback!

Hello Fellow Campers!

Here is my first version of the Pomodoro clock project using React.

What do you think? (link below)

(i still have a minor error (-1 sec due to clearInterval ticking too late) on Reset)

Thank you!

Session and Break lengths you only be allowed to be a minimum of 1 minute. Your app allows 0 minutes to be used.

Also, if I stop your timer 1-5 miliseconds before the next second should display and then click the start button again, your timer is waiting a full second to change to the next number when it should change almost immediately. I assume you are not pausing and remembering how much time is left (in fractions of seconds) so when your timer is restarted, it delays 1 second instead of the time remaining before the pause?

I can correct the breakLength right now; and I just corrected Session length too.

As for the timer on pause question : Yes; i believe you are right because the pause function does a clearInteval() and then starts a new setInterval() with 1s delay on unpause.

Thanks for your response!