React Recipe App Feedback


I made recipe app using React, this is my first real world project using react so plsss give feedback on it.


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Hey Gaurav, congrats on creating your first React app! The search bar works and that’s so far the only thing I can do with it. I would suggest you add a home button so I can go back to the main page. Also, add some type of page navigation so we can see where we are at. I have no idea how many recipes you have since when I first clicked the link, there were only about 10 but I know there are more recipes since when I do a search, it’s showing up recipes I haven’t seen before.

Other than that, there are many improvements you can do with regards to UI. But I’m no expert on that and I’m sure you’ll learn more about it in the future. Anyways, keep making apps! :smiley:

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Thanks!! for your kind words…

Hey Gaurav, The app is great.

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thanks…for your kind words