Recipe Box project

Hi guys,

I’ve recently finished my RecipeBox project so I would like to know what you think about it. Here is the link:
What I would like to point is that I’ve used Create-React-App with some customization and it helped a lot. CodePen is fine for some quick work but for more complex things webpack and create-react-app are invaluable. It is so helpful that you can find your bugs so quickly.
So I would recommend to all to take some time to understand these tools because it’s gonna be worthwhile.
Many thanks in Advance…

Regards from Montenegro :slight_smile:

Nice work so far, but the update button when editing an entry doesn’t seem to work (I’m on mobile safari if that helps troubleshooting).

Hi Jackson,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’ve tested app on few browsers (Android default browser, Chrome), and on PC Chrome and Mozilla, and it works fine. Now I’ve seen that it have some issues on iOS mobile phones.
Thanks for noticing that…

If you determine the issue and fix, could you write it up and share it? I’m in the middle of the same project :slight_smile:

Yes no problem. If I found solution I’m gonna share it here…