React-Redux Markdown previewer

link to the full:

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Your previewer looks good @bedward. Something to revisit;

It’s okay that a code block takes up the page width but it makes markdown hard to read when an inline code takes up the full page width too.

Put the following two paragraphs in your previewer to see what I mean.
In general, an id is typically used when you want to target HTML elements with JavaScript. A class is used to style the page. You can use an id to style the page if you want but know that it has more weight than a class does and the id will override a class targeting the same element.
In your own personal projects that you create outside of freeCodeCamp some people recommend only using a class to style the page and an id if using JavaScript in your project. However, JavaScript can target a class too, so you may not need id's that much in your personal projects.

On a side note, the test script should be included, with all tests passing, when you submit your projects.

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