React setup not working. remains still

i have a problem with setting up react. the installation won’t work i have uninstalled and install multiple times pls i need help. after running the command it will just remain still.
i deleted some files in the AppData area and i cant find them when re-installing

You may be using the wrong command. Try creating a new react app using npx create-react-app my-app according to the documentation. You can read more on their official site.

I have resolved the issue it’s from one of the file present in my machine.
The current error is a network proxy error.
How can i resolve that ??

What is the error message?

I would highly recommend using Vite.

npm create vite@latest

Follow the prompts.

This is the error

Does it happen with Vite as well?

Are you using a proxy or VPN?

Do you have any third-party security software install that might be blocking it?

npm config ls -l

Does it list the registry as if not you can set it npm config set registry

You might also try uninstall and reinstall Node.js (using the latest LTS version)

You can also try using pnpm.

i have resolved the issue, connected my pc to my phone and it worked. Thank you for your support

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