React Setup Problem....Urgent help please

I’ve installed react by installing create-react-app after that when i ejected the file and added modules: trues, localIdentName : ‘[name][local][hash:base64:5]’ to & and restart the app by writing npm start then it’s showing this problem …

i did these things :

  1. installed create-react-app by writing > npm install create-react-app -g
  2. create-react-app oldidea
  3. cd oldidea
  4. npm start
  5. npm run eject
  6. added those code to webpack
    7.and when i restart the app by writing npm start then it shows this problem

did you npm install?

yes! i already have react app but when i added those codes by ejecting the file then i am having this problem

At the risk of stating the obvious, did you checked for the presence of ‘babel-loader’? I still don’t use webpack, but I found this package which seems exactly the one you’re missing ( webpack plugin for babel ) because of the ejecting process ^^

At 4 have you npm install to get all dependencies installed ?