Ready to deploy first website, whats your favorite code host to use?

Hey y’all!

I’ve about finished my first ever site for someone, i used code pen to do all the writing. i know i need to move that code over to my PC, make files and then take that to the host (Cpanel) to launch it. so just curious, what does everyone like to use for a program to code on their computer? i do have VS code right now, its…ok, but im looking to use something else if i can. let me know what you use! thankss!!

Hey @ZTD, congrats on your first gig!

Re hosting company, normally that is something to decide for website owners, because they would have to pay for it.

Re IDE, I believe VS Code is a pretty much industry standard nowadays, if not then probably Atom.

Re codepen, considering you’ve done it using REPL, I would go with serverless platform, like AWS Lambda or Now. You most likely will hit a wall of deployment problems trying to host code from codepen on cPanel or Apache-like solutions.


oh for sure codepen wont help with cpanel hehe, that just sounds like a mess LOL
being that codepen was what i was using to work on projects here, i stuck with that for ease of my brain.
hmm so VS is kinda the thing then… only issue i had with it is when i did already move my code over, i kept it simple and made the files in the same folder, and copied the code. when i would test it live, it didnt react like it did in codepen, and the css didnt have the same effect. no idea if that’s me, or another thing, im super new to this.
also to my knowledge, my client doesnt want to move from cpanel where the current site for them is hosted, just move my site in, and delete the old one. no sure how eveyone feels about cpanel either, im also green on that, oh joy!
thanks for the response too!!

I only do personal projects myself and use Atom. From what I hear, I’ll have to look into VS myself.

For moving projects to locally, you gotta remember that CodePen do some things in the background to link the HTML/CSS/JS windows together.

I’m not sure the best practice here… but you can import the CSS directly into the JS if you made a React project, or into the HTML <link rel='stylesheet' href='%PUBLIC_URL%/css/app.css'> (i.e; I put my CSS files in /public/css folder)

hmmm yes like that is how i linked them in VS code, granted it did work and took the css, just certain settings/functions did not take even though they were unchanged in the platform migration.

@pointes Is it prudent to host on google cloude

VS, Atom, and Dreamweaver

Creating proper workflows is crucial to learn.

I would create an easy basic setup like this:

  • Code: VSCode or a similiar editor
  • Version Control: git with Github
  • (Continuous) Deployment: Frontend on Netlify, Backend on Zeit

This is a basic setup.
If you did this basic setup multiple times,
you should care about Continuous Integration (Testing in general, Github Actions, CircleCI).
and then Serverless (needs a lot of time to learn).

Hmm seems like the title is asking a different question than the post itself.

Whats your favorite code host to use?

If your asking where to deploy websites, I personally would choose what fits your use-case. If your doing client work the client might decide. If your doing client work, and the client doesn’t care, or you plan to manage it for them (and get extra $ :wink: ) you get more freedom.

If you can choose, the answer depends upon what you know, and what you need. If you need to create a full-stack back-end powered web app you might need multiple hosts, where you need something from the big three cloud providers, Google, AWS, and Microsoft. If you need just static hosting using something like the JAMStack might work, but requires a specific stack, or you could use one of the cloud providers, Digital Ocean for low level control, Firebase hosting for free hosting, but some cavets or one of the many “static site hosting” sites out there that offer super cheap hosting.

The alternative is using an online IDE, or remote host. Generally most developers use local IDE’s for their work. Like most people I’ve moved to VSCode due to its simplicity, and power. It has a ton of relevant, well maintained extensions, and is backed by Microsoft who has a great track record building developer tooling.

Other popular choices are:

  • atom - also an electron powered app, clean UI, but somehow performs worse than VSCode
  • Anything Jetbrains - paid for, but excellent and powerful. For Web development Webstorm is fantastic, but vastly heavier duty than Atom or VSCode

Other choices are generally more lightweight, and might not fit the needs of most developers without work. But the above three are more or less the “top” of the choices for current day web development :slight_smile:

Initially yes i was asking what everyone likes to use for an editor for their code, it did taper a bit into web hosting lol. I am stuck with cpanel though where the current website is.

As far as vs code, i find it fine to write in just not sure why my code from the Pen didnt work 100%. More things to figure out i guess, as always.

Ill have to look into jetbrains at least for shits and gigs, must be good.

Appreciate the feedback everyone! Ive got some googling to do and surely lots of reading!

I’ve never used Google Cloud products, except Firebase/Firestore, but I guess it’s pretty similar to AWS. If you stick to deploying with Docker, platform doesn’t play any significant role, except financial :slight_smile:

For smaller products and fast deployments I would suggest one of these pairs:

  1. Angular - Firebase (for fastest development)
  2. Gatsby - Netlify (for static sites)
  3. NextJS - Now (my personal favorite)