Real-time JS code execution in your editor! (while you type)

Guys, this is cool… just want to share this and this could be useful for debugging, or just visualizing how your program works.

Visual Studio Code + Quokka plugin.

Check out the special comments /?/ which shows the result of that JS expression in real time.
You can even profile execution times to see how fast it executed the function or loop via the comment /?./


OK, that’s pretty cool.

Wow. Must be really useful. Thanks!

How does one make a video (or gif) of themselves coding like you posted above? I always mean to find out but never bother asking.

You can use Quicktime Player (free) using Screen Recording function, or ScreenFlow (paid) or OBS Open Broadcast Software (free).

Then I convert the resulting mp4 file into an animated gif for embedding on the forum.

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Cool - thanks for the quick explanation. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try doing. Cheers

Bigger video from official site