Which compiler to test my JS-code?

Hi all!
Just started off with JS-curriculum. I would like to use a JS compiler to test my own little programs. As an editor I use pulsar, but I can not execute JS-code there to check what is wrong. I can test html/css directly in a browser, but what can I use to check JS code? Something like visual studio is maybe a little too much right now… In the tutorials you use scrimba, but this is only online I guess.
Thank you!

Theres codepen, codesandbox, jsfiddle, and you can probably find more through a google search. I would say codepen is the most popular one users use on the forum. At least from what I have seen.

Why? Edit: just to be clear, you should use visual studio code not visual studio.

I’d suggest VS Code with the Quokka extension.

Ah ok, it is the code-version, not visual studio, thank you!
Installed all including a JS debugger and now when I click on run to the left I only get new options, but the prog is not executed. Already created this json-file. Seems handling of this compiler is difficult, just wanted my little prog being executed and watch what happens.

Use the extension I linked to. It is the easiest way to test and run plain JS. It uses Node.js so you will need that installed (you will need it anyway soon enough).

Thank you so much for your help! Was not aware I need to install sth else like node. And code runner. And npm for user inputs…
It is like a kit and needs lots of modules. :jigsaw:

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