Running your own code/Basic JavaScript

I’m taking the Basic JavaScript course, and occasionally I’d like to run my own little test programs when I want to figure out how something works. Is there a way to do that using the CodeCamp software, or should I download a separate JS compiler to run my programs? And, if so, what JS download would you all suggest? Thanks!

you can use CodePen, JsFiddle,

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I recommend setting up and running nodejs locally on your computer. This is more difficult, and requires more technical knowledge than running CodePen, JsFiddle, or stackblitz, but gives you a full JS runtime environment that is used professionally to build server-side software.

Unlike JS that is ran in the browser nodejs gives JS code the ability to access different API’s, (there is no HTML/CSS in nodejs) such as access to the file system. Now since you can only write JS code, you get to focus on learning programming. You will miss out on learning HTML/DOM apis, and techniques, but will allow you to focus purely on JS.

Finally, nodejs isn’t a “cutdown”, runtime environment like the after-mention “code-runners”, so you will be doing your learning in a full JS environment,

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I find the best thing for learning how little stuff works is to just break out the developer console in your web browser.

Install VS Code and get the Quokka extension. It is super handy when testing JS.

Yes, and eventually in the journey you will be learning the node.js as well.
I had setted up node for first time when i was on Algorithm Scripting course on FCC.
It helped me a lot.