Realtime Tables in React


I’m trying to build realtime table, where user can see list/table of car reservations and edit some values as in My App here. So far, I’ve been using React and Material-ui for UI and implemented basic functionality.

Could you give me some recommendations what libraries or services should I use for multi-user realtime app as such?

If you look at the code, I’d really appreciate any note on improvements, what could’ve been done differently, state management etc…

Thank you

Hey there,

great work so far!

I think a simple solution is Firebase.

It’s easy to setup and has good docs.

When I hear real-time there are really only 2 “high level” choices:

  • firebase (as mentioned above)
  • or using something like which abstract away 2 way communication between the client and server-side.
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I’m not familiar with firebase but my recommendation would also be You can send data between your client and server instantaneously without reloading the page.