Receive a call for interview

I applied for a junior JS dev position last week, this morning they called me and asked some question over phone. I honestly answered all the question also let them know my strong and weak points. I was so nervous so I failed to answer one simple question that I later figured out and texted the answer immediately to the caller.

They asked me for coming to their office tomorrow for onsite interview. I am super excited about it. Please wish me good luck and don’t forget to give me some tips.

My Story: I join freecodecamp in June 2016, since then I am learning Javascript before that I’ve had some experience with Html, Css. I am currently working as a UI Designer, 21 years old from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I will be greatful to you if you give me your valuable feedback on my projects:

Portfolio Site: [Portfolio section Not Completed yet]
Quote Machine:
Weather App:
Client Project:


  • Imran

Awesome! Good luck to you! I’m in the middle of a project and this is just the motivation I need to keep pushing myself. The Weather App is great, love the animation, however, I’m noticing that it’s only showing me the temperature in Celsius.
Your client project is amazing, although in my opinion there are too many animations and every time you scroll to the top, the animations start over again. Other than that, great work!

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will be adding that feature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit soon, I believe in shipping the product first :slight_smile: I did it last night & after doing this all night I just lost my energy, Hope to add more fancy features & fulfill FCC provided user story :slight_smile:

In client project, use of excessive amount of animation is clients requirement, I also didn’t liked that :frowning:

Thanks again

How did the interview go?

Hi @japanexpress Sorry for not replying earlier, It’s goes well. I had to solve 15 programming problem(js) in paper & pen. I answered 12 question and 9 of them were correct. They offered me the job and ask me to Join immediately but for having some personal issue I told them I can’t join before march 1 and they declined. So unfortunately I am not working with them right now. I learned a lot from this interview :slight_smile:

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You are doing great - and you will definitely find a job! The amzsupports - it’s a terribly cool project! Like it a lot.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I am currently working on some cool personal hope I can share them too with the comunity soon :slight_smile: