Recommendation on online code learning platforms?

I’m looking for some good online coding learning platforms that offers practical coding exercises and reviews of them.
Freecodecamp is great but it of course lacks the practical and interactive experience of actually carrying out coding challenges and having them reviewed/checked.

Codecademy is a big one but I tried the tree trial and was disappointed, as are many others when you look at the negative reviews. I won’t go into the details of why but can anyone recommend other platforms from personal experience or that of an acquaintance?
Doesn’t have to be free. I’m willing to pay if the quality is there.

Hi @chumbo !

You could use the forum to ask for reviews for your projects.

I feel like most online platforms will offer that option for peer code reviews through their forums or discords.

But another option would be to hire a mentor to give you code reviews.
You can look into something like codementor.

I personally haven’t used it but you can look into outside reviews and see if that would be a better fit for your needs.

You could use the forum to ask for reviews for your projects.

That’s exactly the thing…I’m looking for a site that would in fact provide the projects, much like Codecademy does (but badly unfortunately).
But maybe what you’re meaning to say is, I can bring those Codecademy projects in FreeCodeCamp for help and review?
I guess I could be that’s just complicating things and making up for a poorly working site.
There are tons of these online learning platforms but it would taking for ever to find the ones that in fact offer actually interactive coding exercises and then check their reviews, that’s why I’m asking here.

As for codementor…it could get really expensive really fast and I don’t think it’s for me actually. It would pretty much amount to the same things as bringing my coding challenges here in the forum…which I can do for free! :wink:
And the reason why that’s not a good idea, I explained above.
Anyone else? :thinking:

Yeah, why not?
You can share whatever you like on the forum as long as you are not trying to sell a product

I am not sure why that would be complicated.

People share all types of projects on the forum.

  • freecodecamp projects
  • personal projects
  • youtube tutorials
  • frontend mentor projects
  • odin projects
  • codeacademy projects

As long as you can describe what the project is, then people can review it. :grinning:

For codementor, you paying for someone’s time to comb through all of your files and folders for your projects and provide in depth code reviews.

To me it makes sense that it costs a lot to do that.

At the end of the day, you can get a lot of value by reaching out to the forum and asking for feedback. :grinning:

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Ok, maybe I should have said “time-consuming” rather than complicated because of course it’s not complicated.
Time-consuming because it’s an additional step that shouldn’t be necessary if the site I’d sign up with did their job properly, which isn’t the case with Codecademy and why I’m looking for an alternative.
Ideally, if it worked as described, you’d submit your code for the challenge and would in return get helpful hints and tips to correct your errors and therefore wouldn’t need to resort to FreeCodeCamp for extra help.
So I would then need to copy the code and the challenge, explain what I’ve done, where I have a problem and wait for the answers and then probably answer follow-up questions as well.
Multiply that by…30? 50? 100 and you can see how time-consuming that can be while it shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

Of course it does, I totally agree, not my point. Doesn’t take away from the fact that it can get VERY expensive, very quickly.

Of course! Again, I agree…what am I doing now? :wink:

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