Recommendations for JS ES6 linter / validator / formatter for VSC ?

ESLint and Prettier is what I’ve been using since I started. Love it so far.

ESlint and Prettier. Thankfully there isn’t really any other realistic choice, it is an area where you really don’t want to have to make choices.

Standard exists, as do older linters like JSLint/Hint but ESlint is de facto standard. Rome hopefully should consolidate everything and make the discussion moot, but it’s a way off even if it all comes together as planned.

I tried ESLint but it wasn’t as easy as just installing the extension.

I tried to install ESLint but it wasn’t as easy as just installing the extension.

What is ‘Rome’ ?

Hmm? ESLint helps you code and find your mistakes. Is there something else you wanted it to do?

What are you stuck on with ESLint? It should be fairly simple to install in VSCode but I’ve definitely had some issues from time to time, sometimes needs a bit of extra setup.

Rome is a Facebook project, JS/TS linter/formatter/module bundler with no dependencies, currently being built by the React Native team. It’s not usable at the minute, if it does become usable it’ll solve a helluva lot of JS tooling issues, it is something to keep an eye on.

I tried to follow these steps, but I got a little lost.

I can install the extension in VSC, but the required installation of ESLint and its config file tripped me up.

Keeping my eyes open for Rome.