Recurse Center / Alternative Programming Schools

Yesterday I came across the Recurse Center in New York City, and it got me curious if there are more programs like this in other parts of the country (ideally Los Angeles or Washington DC).

According to their website, they are: “a self-directed, community-driven educational retreat for people who want to get better at programming, whether they’ve been coding for three decades or three months.” You can attend for 6 or 12 weeks.

I’ve also seen School 42, but I love the way the Recurse Center is set up to be a shorter self-directed program, which is completely free (!). It’s so cool to see schools trying different learning approaches like this.

Does anyone know of other alternative programming schools like these? I would love to read up on more of them and get a better idea of what is out there.

Even better, anyone have first hand experience at one of them?


I’d be really interested to hear about this too! Also international versions if anyone knows of any. Thanks @jeffbernst for posting, I hadn’t heard of the other 2 you mentioned. :+1:

Wow, this thread has been silent since '17. I guess there’s no West Coast version of The RC out here (LA)?