Redid my survey form

I redid my survey form because my old one stunk.

Do you like the old form or the new one?

  • New Form
  • Old Form

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It’s creative! What’s your goal. Abstract digital art or get a job? The check boxes keep moving. Green text on green background.

It looks very 90s so congrats if that was your goal.

The layout is very bad on a desktop you need to really fix how things are positioned.

Accessibility is also a nightmare as well. Someone with any form of color blindness would have a migraine looking at the site. The color scheme needs to be redone.


Even though it’s a lot simpler I’d say the 1st attempt was the better of the two because you can actually see what’s on the page and aside from some spacing issues it’s simple and to the point.

I’m sure you learned some cool techniques with this second attempt. It seems like you learned some gradient tools and thats cool and all but if you’re going to have scrolling text with a fixed background you have to make sure the text color doesn’t clash with any part of the background since the text could pass on any part of the background.

Keep on keeping on my friend :+1:


Alright! I will try to change the contrast.

I’ll get rid of the green on green. If you watch slowly, the checkbox’s colors slowly change and then also their alignment.

This tool will teach you a lot about contrast.

Okay, everybody. I made it responsive and made the colors more “SEEABLE”

the moving text is a bit odd for a survey, Maybe the title can move around instead?

I fixed the moving text. it just changes color now.

Uhhh… I’m only thirteen. Just doing it for fun. Not a job.


Found a few areas on my phone where the text and background blends again

Cool, be creative then. Have you seen codingtrain on youtube? Not his latest stuff, but his older videos he does a lot of things that look interesting. He works somewhere that supports digital art. You might like it.

Here you’ll probably get more work related criticism.

I added a background to the h2s. Plz tell me if your problem is fixed.

Yep I don’t see the issue anymore

I made the h2 backgrounds a bit transparent so you can see behind it and the text on it.

I wish i had gotten into web development at 13. Keep going bro! your at a really good start

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It looks creative but the background color is not really nice. Light colors would probably be better option here I guess.

Allright,it looks creative,pretty sure with you

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Thanks for the feedback, @Disaster!

@ConnerOw1115 What a beautiful survey form! It is very creative!! You have the eye of an artist!!! Don’t stop making these wonderful webpages. The new survey is much improved. It shows how you have improved over time.

Many people are here in the hopes to get a job in web development. I say don’t even worry about it because you are thirteen years old. Working at the age of thirteen would also be illegal in the United States of America. Now you can create whatever you want, whenever you want, the way that you want. So just go all out with your designs. I am more likely to remember a website that is creative over one that is more commonplace.

The tips I have for you are to improve the composition/layout of the elements. For example, you can

  • line up these input fields.
  • tidy (format) the HTML in Codepen so it is more readable.
  • analyze the HTML for errors.
  • increase the size of the textarea box.
  • place a close button on the upper right hand corner of the pop up windows.
  • darken the background area behind the pop up window.
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