Replit Create a .env File Changed

Recently, Replit have adjusted their editor to no longer allow .env files to be created. As such, in order to use environment variables, a new tab in the left pane has been added which looks like a lock :lock:

To add an environment variable, place the variable name in the key input, and the value in the value input.


@Sky020 I’d like to add another tip from my other thread for if you get the error “Hmmm… we couldn’t reach your repl”.

The boilerplate for many of the FCC projects includes the following line:


You need to remove this line as it attempts to load the environmental variables from a .env file (which we no longer have due to the introduction of REPLIT secrets). Once you remove this line your app should run correctly (given you followed the instructions above from @Sky020 correctly). Happy coding! :grinning:

thanks. for the suggestion

thanks for your suggestions and guide

plss help me now how to save our not token plss help me token

add a Secret like in the first post