This is about .env files

I can’t make the .env file, what’s wrong? is there any alternative if i can’t create the .env file?

*A newbie user of python

do you mean on replit?
see this

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@ieahleen yess, it’s on Replit.
So that’s mean i have to use ‘Secrets’ feature? Is it the same way as when using .env?

I was quite confused because I was a beginner who wanted to build a bot :sweat_smile:

yes, replit doesn’t allow .env files anymore so to use environment variables you need to use the Secrets feature, it’s a pretty new thing so anything that is older than a week will tell you to create .env files even if it is no more possible

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so I tried to do the code a discord bot too and got stuck. here’s the code below[“super_secret_token”])

it keeps saying “the function isn’t subscriptable”

oh and also is there a way to make an inventory system where it finds every user and makes a list as it’s “inventory” for it?

how do i use it for my lobby bot

you probably need to use the database for that, but I don’t really know more than the tutorial

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