Replit files not working - Can't finish Projects


I’m looking for the Data Analysis with Python Certification and I’m about to finish the course, but I can’t procceed with the these two last projects:
“Page View Time Series Visualizer”
“Sea Level Predictor”

When I try to run the code in Replit, I got this message:
“unable to read .replit:
unable to decode .replit: toml: cannot load TOML value of type map[string]interface {} into a Go string”

Initially, I was thinking that the problem was with the code, because I do it on VSCode and then copy and paste in the Replit environment, but it doesn’t even start the code. I deleted everything because I was afraid of having deleted some native code/line of the file, then I’ve imported again but even if I try to run the raw file without changing it, it still not working. The same message appears.

If I try to run the other projects of the course that I’ve made, it’s run normally.

What could be wrong? Anyone know how to fix it?


Challenge: Data Analysis with Python Projects - Page View Time Series Visualizer

Link to the challenge:


Error when running the code (unable to read .replit:) - Replit Help - Replit Ask

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